Friday, December 24, 2010

Why can’t we turn Defeat in to Victory…!!

         As every body knows the difference between success and failure which is found in one’s attitude towards setbacks, handicaps, discouragements, and other disappointing situations. We can turn our defeat in to victory with the help of following few points:-

1. Firstly, we should study setbacks to pave our way to success. When we lose, definitely we learn some more and then go on to win next time surely.
2. Critics plays very important role in our life. We should have the courage to be our own constructive critic. We have to seek out our faults and weaknesses and then correct them in turn it will make us a professional.
3. What is luck… please don’t blame luck and keep researching each setback. At the same time we should find out what went wrong, how and why…?. Please keep in mind that blaming luck never got anyone where he wanted to go.
 4. Keep blending persistence with experimentation to stay with our goal but at the same time, we need not to beat our head against a stone wall. It is very logical to try new approaches and experiment.
5. It is a universal truth that there is a good side in every situation which we have to find out by whipping discouragement.
                            And then....just see the smiling result......!! 


  1. Critics plays very important role in our life. We should have the courage to be our own constructive critic.//
    very beautiful notes brother //

  2. We can very well turn our losses to victory

    First of all never accept that you have lost and be in the fray. this will give you a chance to reatempt with a new approach and changing the things which have nit gone the way they should last time.

    We should always be patient while listening to our critics. Then evaluate and implement only the positive things which we feel we have not thought of.

    We must always held ourself responsible for all what happens to us. This will increase our self respect and inturn boost our confidence.

    I always love and follow the nice poem by Shri Atal Bihari Bajpayee.

    Haar Nahin manunga
    Rag nayee tanunga
    Kaal Ke Kapal Par
    Likhta hoon mitata hoon
    Geet Naya gata hoon