Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why we are more conscious about our children….?

It is rather more difficult to answer, especially for a simple reason that so many factors are involved in it. If we go little behind to our own childhood, still we remember that between five children, it was very difficult for our parents to pay that much attention individually to every one, which was in fact expected at that time from them. Even today I remember when I was in seventh standard. That was the day of my final exam’s result. However, when I came to know that I stood first in the class, immediately I ran towards my home to tell them about my glorious success because at that time it was very biggest thing for me. When my report card was in my father’s hand, to my surprise he told me that very first time he came to know that I was in seventh standard.

Now, just imagine regarding the happiness of that child whose father was even not aware about the status of his own son that in which class he was studying. So, as the days passed and we came in place of our father, we have decided that history should not repeat in any case. That was the very first factor, which I took very seriously.

Regarding other factors, the same can’t be narrated at a time because it may differ from individual to individual. In fact, what I have observed now a days that parents are very conscious. That is not a case but these things are related with their feeling. They might be thinking about the facilities, which were not available to them at that time when they were kids. It is very obvious, as every parent like their kid very much, as he or she may be which a universal truth is.

However, we should be little bit conscious before providing ample facilities. It may be possible that their some demands may not be having that much important or such demand may be only due to reason that some other guy is already having it. At this juncture, it is our duty to let them explain regarding the needs of the thing which they are demanding for. It is our duty to realize them about our hard earned money. It’s very true that we are having lot to do for them but before fulfilling it, little care must be taken.

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  1. You are right Sir!We should undersatand the difference between the Luxery and necesecity.We have an example of our ex.Prime Minister Late Lal Bahadur Shastri how difficult his childhood was.but we remember him as a honest and the person with a remarkable life.


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