Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to Overcome One of Your Greatest Obstacles to Success….?

With the energy and enthusiasm of a teenager, Leena finished her last push up and stood to cheers and applause from the crowd. She smiled humbly and took a well-deserved bow. Shortly to follow was her husband, whose daily routine included 200 sits ups and 100 push ups among a handful of other exercises that would test even the fit of individuals.
After his brief demonstration of youthful strength, Ramesh and his wife turned over to me and started to share their success story.
'I wasn't always in shape,' Ramesh began. 'There was quite a stretch of time when I could barely see my toes, let alone touch them.'
'I remember that,' his wife laughed. 'I wasn't any better.
I was facing some serious health risks and needed to make some major life changes.'
This loving couple worked out every single day smiling through hundreds of push ups and sit ups along with running several miles around their neighborhood.
Nothing that special for someone in their twenties or thirties. Not even that amazing for someone in their forties or fifties.
But when you're 69 or 73 years old, that's simply amazing.
'I started working toward my goal when I was 50,' said Ramesh. 'I only wish I had started sooner.'
His wife agreed. 'You're never too old to start doing what you want to do, but you lose precious time while you wait to begin.'
Absolute wisdom from the lips of a 59 year-old woman whose heart, mind, and body belonged to a much younger girl.
Timing is a central issue when it comes to happiness. While many put their desires off until there is little time left to achieve them, others feel their time has already passed.
 They are trapped by the misconception that goals and dreams are achieved right out of the gates or not at all. They feel locked into a life that is far from what they had planned on creating, with the remainder of their days ripe with regret.
Rawat is another example of an individual following his heart at a later time in life. Until the age of 52, Rawat spent his time selling shake mixers to restaurants around the country. Then he made that life altering trip to Mumbai for a meeting with the Shukla brothers.
At an age when most people feel their best days are behind them he created a restaurant empire that stretched around the India.
For everybody who took a chance at a better life there are ten thousand who let their goals and dreams pass them by. The question is which type of person are we?
Ramesh and Rawat knew what they wanted. They had a clear goal which made it possible for them to achieve great success. The problem is, most people don't know what they want.
We all have goals or ideas of what we'd like to do with our lives, but we all don't achieve them. Many believe the right time passed us by many years ago. This common myth is behind millions of unfulfilled dreams and ambitions.
What can we do to break free from its grip? What is the secret that helped Ramesh and Rawat move past the idea that the 'right time' had passed?
It doesn't matter how young or old we may be, we have right now to begin moving toward our goal. There is only one right time and one wrong time: now and later.
Right this instant. That's the only time we know we have for sure. Make the most of it and do the things we were meant to do. Erase the myth that we're too old and go for it.
While this idea may be enough to get we started down the path toward our goals and dreams, there is a chance we'll need another piece of vital information.

Always remember,” We are never too old to start doing what you want to do, but you lose precious time while you wait to begin.”


  1. Well said, sir.We are never too old to start doing what you want to do, but you lose precious time while you wait to begin.”

  2. That's very true.....!!

  3. Very Energetic. One should learn something from it.